Our Approach


Why do we do design projects? Why does this company exist? What inspires us with each project? What do we believe? Having the “Why” clearly defined influences “How” (approach) we do things and “What” (results) we provide.

All of us are involved in creative action every day. We create valuable reports and spreadsheets; we create a learning environment in the classroom; and we might raise a crop of Christmas trees or raise cows. We might harvest timber. We might repair a building system. We might conduct a court case or perform a surgery. We create conversations and relationships and plans for the future.

Whatever our action may be, it is a form of creating.

It could be something that changes the world, or just positively affect your career or family. I believe most of us hope to make a difference in the world, however small and seemingly inconsequential it may seem. That is the reason why I like working with homeowners and building clients. I have the privilege to collaborate with clients to create a design solution that can positively affect their lives.

Here's my Why: To be fully present and bring a Quality and energy to every moment of the creative experience, which results in a shared feeling of success and in knowing we made a difference.

I will bring to the creative process:

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